Customized Solutions

Visualization Tools for our Solutions

  • Information Management and Presentation
  • Customize and implement the right data warehouse and views to meet your specific business needs.
  • Dashboard preparation and optimization

Consulting Services and Training

  • Data Storytelling and Visualization
  • Dashboard utilization 
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Digital Transformations
  • AI Powered Customer Journeys

Network Optimization Tool

A tool that combines multiple data layers (geographic, competitive, demographic, and other business indicators) to assess and drive decisions for network and store performance

Multi-Variable Prognostic Solution

A solution that analyzes in real-time, learned relationships across variables from different sensors to predict an unwanted event.

Context Processor

The Context Processor is a tool that uses AI-NLP techniques to generate a concept paper draft with context-based references provided in facts from documents.

AI Powered Medical Imaging Solutions

Imaging software that combines deep learning methods and medial expertise to augment and support medical practitioners’ patient diagnosis and treatment


Digital Foot Print Engine

An integrated solution that processes image, text, and video content into a single format that can be analyzed for detecting and analyzing topics on the digital space

Solutions by Industry


Customer Oversight

Industry:  Logistics, Finance

Problem:  How do I improve customer awareness and facilitate strategic planning based on my customer database?

Solution:   Customer Oversight  is a data transformation service that uses machine learning to process multiple databases to  provide a unified representation which can be aggregated and disaggregated for insights on customers.


  • Integrate and match several kinds of data (i.e. structured, unstructured)
  • Easy database update
  • Source of additional customer insights

Fraud Detection

Industry:  Logistics, Finance

Problem: How do I protect my company/bank from future fraudulent transactions?

Solution: AI Predictive Analysis and Fraud detection. Fraud detection is a service that uses machine learning and predictive modeling to alert users of potentially fraudulent transactions.


  • Rapid integration of actual transactions and checking for fraudulent transactions.
  • Discover features that are linked to fraudulent transactions by providing visuals of the data.
  • Reduce time and resources for manual detection of fraudulent transactions.


Digital Topic Analyzer (DTA)

Industry:  Digital Marketing

Problem: How can I obtain relevant data when designing my brand’s digital marketing campaign?

Solution:   The DTA is a service to uncover ground-up insights about your brand, topics that resonate with your followers, and technographics across social media channels.


  • Uncover top topics
  • Measure endorsement capability
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Follower profiling

Digital Footprint Engine

Industry:  Media

Problem: How can a media company augment their understanding of consumer segments on the digital space?

Solution:  Digital Footprint Engine – an integrated solution that processes image, text, and video content into a single format that can be analyzed for detecting topics on the digital space

Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis

Industry:  Politics / Media

Problem: How can I tell in real time how my constituents / customers feel about me and what topics are they most interested about?

Solution: Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis Dashboard

Automated Content Tagging

Industry:  Media

Problem: How can a media company more efficiently generate tags for video, image and text content?

Solution: Content Tagging Service


Cross-Sell Up-Sell Recommendation Engine (CSUS)

Industry:  Retail

Problem:  How do I maximize customer insights and transaction data to convert or increase sales?

Solution:   CSUS is a custom built platform that  creates personalized recommendations for customers across different products and categories.


  • Measurable conversion rates
  • Integration of various transaction and user data
  • Increase sales and insights for improving promotions
  • Dashboard analytics

Auto Renewal Platform

Industry:  Quick Service Restaurant

Problem: How do ensure that my kitchens are always stocked with raw materials and my branches do not go into an Out of Stock scenario?

Solution: Auto Renewal / Auto Ordering Platform

Retail Audit Application

Industry:  Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Problem:  How can retail shelves be quickly analyzed to ensure my product is in stock, in the right location, with the right quantity and pricing without having to resort to hiring physical auditors?

Solution:  Retail Audit App

Store Network Optimization

Industry:  Remittances, Retail, Banking

Problem: How do I know where to build my next store  to maximize foot traffic and transactions without cannibalizing the business of my existing stores?

Solution: SNO Mapping using Predictive Analytics and Statistical Modeling. SNO is a location analytics tool that uses machine learning in determining optimal stores/branches based on demographic, store performance, and geographic data  and other client specific data indicative of performance.

  • Location Analytics (Forecast revenue potential)
    • increase in  profitability,
    • greater customer accessibility,
    • and return in investments
  • Achieve a competitive edge against competing stores
  • Augmentation of store-specific information


AI Powered Radiology

Industry:  Healthcare

Problem: Can the hospital expedite radiology results faster without any loss in accuracy of readings?

Solution: Automated Tumor Detection via AI Powered Radiology

ECG Anomaly

Industry:  Hospitals, Clinics, Wearables

Problem: How do I quickly and efficiently analyze my ECG reports?

Solution: AI powered platform in ECG reading and diagnosis

Philippine Cancer Registry (CARE)

Industry:  Healthcare

Problem: How do I reduce manpower costs and long timelines when digitizing hardcopy files into digital versions?

Solution: Automated Digitization using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


Rock Analysis

Industry:  Energy

Problem: How can I automate analysis of rocks?

Solution: Rock Analyzer System

Muon Tomography

Industry:  Hydroelectric Power

Problem: How can I make geological surveying faster, cheaper and safer?

Solution: Muon Tomography incorporation into the surveying process

Security Camera Software Augmentation

Industry:  Energy

Problem: How do I maximize the efficiency in tracking my employees’ attendance in computing for their payroll and supplement the security features in detecting intruders within the office?

Solution: Facial Recognition System


IMDA IoT Platform

Industry:  Government

Problem: How can the Singapore Government maximize the usefulness of all the digital data they retrieve from all the IoT devices in public locations?

Solution:  Data Ingestion, Transformation using an IoT Digital Platform

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